b. 1986, HK.


San Johnny is a unique concept shop in Portland that specializes in refinished mid century furniture and vintage Mexican art that is mostly recovered locally in Oregon and Washington.

San Johnny refers to the nickname for the famous market in Carlos’s hometown called San Juan de Dios.

San Johnny is a celebration of the ancestral traditions of national treasures like pottery from Oaxaca and Jalisco and the modernism that is also part of Mexico’s legacy.



San Johnny was started by Carlos Valencia and his partner Emma in 2015.


Carlos is an immigrant from Guadalajara, Mexico who learned to refinish mid century furniture from a few fellow Mexican immigrant mentors in Los Angeles. When he and Emma moved to Portland, while out sourcing furniture to restore, they began to come across fabulous examples of vintage Mexican art objects and they had the idea to combine those rich handmade traditions with the simple lines of mid century Scandinavian and American furniture. That concept is at the heart of the curated and affordable offerings at San Johnny.